This Beni Azilal rug is both authentic and handmade. It is very rare on the market and only a handful of people know how to make it. It has fresh and novel colors that are ideal for your home and with it you can impress the guests anytime they come visit you. You can expose its nice style and simplicity at every occasion or event.


This Beni Azilal rug is so beautiful and durable. Even after years, the rug will look as good as new. When you put the rug in your living room or library, it will look as if you had brought the traditions and lives of your ancestors into your home.
The rug comes with a trendy and classy look and your guests will be brought to think that it's a very expensive rug.

Fantastic Moroccan berberrug Azilal Carpet

2.200,00$ Precio
1.540,00$Precio de oferta
    • Vintage handmade item from the 1970s
    • Quality : Premium
    • Material: Wool
    • Place : Azilal
    • Design: Moroccan Berber
    • Type: Area