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The Uses of different types of Ottomans (Leather & Carpet)

Actualizado: 29 de may de 2020

Leather Ottomans and Kilim poufs do not only have pretty names, but are also making headlines in the field of design for good reason. Both these types of furniture are highly versatile and easy to use in your home, where they can function alone or in multiples to add texture and pattern to an area. Here are ways to use Leather ottomans and Kilim poufs in your home:

  1. Leather Ottomans

There are so many uses for Moroccan poufs that I can't wait to share with you. Trust me, once you get one you are going to want multiples because they are so handy to have around. Use your Moroccan pouf any (or all!) of these ways:

  • Additional Seating – They are perfect if you want some extra seating but don't want to take up a ton of space. Try stashing a pair in your dining room underneath a credenza or tucked away in the corner of a living room. 

  • Enhances Character Of A Room – One of the biggest things that stands out about the Moroccan poufs is their beauty. Add them as a gorgeous decor piece and/or a pop of color. 

  • Foot Rest – Kick back and relax by putting your feet up on the pouf—ideal after a long day at work.

  • Table – They make wonderful nightstands or end tables, plus they look much more unique than traditional tables.

  • Stool – If you need to change a lightbulb or reach something on a shelf, you can use the Moroccan pouf to stand on—just be careful!

2. Vintage kilim Wool Poufs

The Moroccan floor Pouf, Originally handwoven, This is a lovely piece of art Moroccan floor Pouf that could highlight your home to another level.
Constantly finding nice, unique vintage kilim cushion. Our beautiful Collection of Kilim Moroccan floor Pouf covers or cases are made from Repurposed Vintage Moroccan Berber Rug. They offer a chance to spruce up your rooms with stunning vibrant colors and intricate designs. With the embroidered patterns they also bring luxurious textures into home decor. Introduce Ottomans to your habitat via authentic Moroccan woven kilim, revealing Mediterranean decor and texture that wears and softens over time. Woven and Embroidered. Strong smooth zipper on the bottom Our Kilim Poufs are made from kilims and rug.

Perfect for a boho, bohemian, mid century modern, vintage, retro, rattan, bamboo, Ikea, west elm, Anthropologie home.

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