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How to stuff a moroccan leather ottoman

Unfortunately, between shipping costs(once filled your pouf becomes very heavy) & filling costs it’s more economic to fill them yourself at home.  Not to mention how easy it is! Plus, you get to clean out old items in your house and technically hide them but not have to get rid of them!

  • Step 1: Take an empty, clean garbage bag and gather old household items. We have found that towels, blankets, pillows, & clothing work best. Make sure the items you’re using are both clean & dry to keep your leather pouf in its best condition. I will warn you though, it takes A LOT to fully fill your pouf—you will be surprised.

  • Step 2: Flip over your Moroccan pouf & unzip it. Don’t worry—any wrinkles or lines you see in the leather will dissipate over time after filling fully & the regular use of it

  • Step 3: Now begin to stuff the bottom outer ring of your pouf, rotating it as you go to layer your filling. Once you have the outer ring built up about half-way, start to stuff the center from bottom upwards. Repeat this until you feel it’s “full”

  • Step 4: Zip your pouf up and turn it over, then sit on it. I mean put your whole body weight on it and wiggle around (You won’t hurt it and the point is to compress what you have put in it thus far) until you feel you have flattened it a little

  • Step 5: Flip it back over, unzip, and add more clothes or filling to plump it up again. Typically doing this a couple times is the best way to get a completely full, plump, & comfortable pouf!

  • Step 6: Once done, zip a final time and return it to its upright position then find the perfect, most pouf worthy spot in your home and ENJOY!

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