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How is Moroccan Leather Ottoman handmade

Actualizado: 7 de abr de 2020

MOROCCAN AUTHENTICATION: Please don’t be fooled by or compare our genuine products to cheaper, knock-off poufs.  Trust me they do exist and are out there everywhere! Our product is the real deal--hand crafted of genuine goatskin leather in Marrakech (highest quality of leather in Morocco and much more expensive than sheepskin) by a total of 5 artisans over a 21-day span. These artisans are highly skilled and are experts in this particular craft. Each pouf is hand painted and has a lot of intricate embroidery detail so please do take into consideration that being made of genuine leather & handcrafted each pouf may have a slight variation of color, stitching, or size which reflects the artisan’s masterpiece.

ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS: Quality is paramount At Moroccancraftdream. The quality of using eco-friendly premium products means way more than just a higher price.. We have collected the best professional craftsmen to work in our production workshop. As stated above we only use hand picked goatskin leather hides, all natural dyes, and a technique called sun power drying, all processed in ancestral tanneries in Morocco. We allow no harmful chemicals to be used during the 21-day process of creating these beautiful masterpieces. With the use of these high quality, natural products each pouf is sure to last a lifetime and continue to soften over time bringing you continued functionality & beauty in your home for years to come!

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