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BOHEMIAN GLAMOUR | 10 must have decorating essentials

Who doesn't love the look of a good bohemian room? I consider myself more of a modern kind of girl, however I do have my more boheme moments. As long as its beautiful and glamorous, I can appreciate any style. Boho glam can go in so many different directions and I've got a few friends who just love the boho glam vibe and they are always asking for ways to polish up their home style because they worry about the clutter. So, because there really is no way to define the look,  I put together a list of my 10 must have essentials for bohemian glamour. As long as you have these essentials, the rest can stay or go. . .

1. Touches of fur.

You will always want to add a little bit of fur here and there. It always looks especially good on a cozy chair. Also, moroccan poufs are kind of the epitome of bohemian glamour. Get one and place it in any seating area for impact. 

2. Antiques.

You've got to be open to decorating with things that have a vintage flair. Whether it be an antique headboard or a gorgeous vintage chandelier, the layers of mixing old and new is the best part of the boheme feeling. Be sure to incorporate at least 2 or 3 things with some history.

3. An element of animal print:

Goat skin sheep's skin. All of it works. You will want to make sure that your room has some exotic-ness. 

4. A peacock chair.

Every good bohemian room must have one. They are cozy and oh so boho.

5. Candles + Lanterns.

There is something about candles that go with boho and the lanterns create an atmosphere of warm weather outdoor glow. This is essential for bohemian living. 

6. A woven wall hanging.

You've got to get on board with woven things hanging on your wall. You can go easy with a dream catcher, step it up to a macrame hanging piece or get bold and throw a rug on the wall. However bold you want to go is up to you, but its an essential none-the-less.

7. Bring on the color.

Layering is the basic start for bohemian, you'll want to layer everything. So, don't be shy with the color. A little secret: all colors go together. Just find the colors that you like. and make you feel glamorous.

8. Pile on the pillows.

No matter what room it is, the more pillows the merrier. Textures and fabrics are what a make a space feel bohemian, so don't be shy with this must have element. 

9. Indulgent rug.

You want to pull the whole look together with a flokati or moroccan rug. Something that your feet will just sink into.

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